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How to grow a vegetable garden

How to grow a vegetable garden

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An ever-growing group of consumers no longer has faith inindustry agri-food. The food scandals are more and more frequent, the first one I remember concerns the "mascarpone with botulinum ", then the "mad cow ", the "dioxin chicken ", the "blue mozzarella " not to mention the most recete heat it up with food which saw the presence of horse meat of dubious origin in some famous tortellini, an ingredient not reported on the package.

The only way to fully embrace the food safety is that of self-production: safe, cheap, genuine and ... close at hand. It is for this reason that today we will indicate you once again how to grow a vegetable garden!

When you want cultivate a vegetable garden you have to start from what you have and what you want, so you have to ask yourself certain questions. Let's see together how to start growing a vegetable garden!

How to grow a vegetable garden, needs
1) I have a piece of land from cultivate?
Yup -> go to question no. 3. No -> go to question no. 2
2) Do you want to grow a vegetable garden on the terrace or in bacolne?
Yup -> Then read this article. No -> The only alternative you have is that of cultivate an urban garden, go to this page.
3) You live in a cold area or you want cultivate a vegetable garden even in winter?
Yup -> You will need to build a greenhouse-tunnel, read this article. No -> Read down!

The ideal period for cultivate a vegetable garden it goes from spring and continues until the first frosts of autumn. To get started cultivate a vegetable garden the wisest thing to do is to go to a retailer to purchase already developed seedlings. In this way you will be sure to buy the right plants for that period of the year.

The retailer will advise you against greenhouse plants and will show you only those to be planted. Alternatively you can start a vegetable garden with sowing, the process is more tiring and just as expensive in money (you will have to buy pots for sowing, the seeds of the plants, the soil for sowing and it is not certain that all the seeds will lead to the formation of a seedling: often the bags of seeds we buy have been in the shop for a long / too long time, the seeds are old and are struggling to germinate!).

Anyway, here are some temporal indications.
From March until the end of April, it is possible cultivate a vegetable garden with chard, carrot, cabbage, chicory, onion, lettuce, pea, parsley, radish, rocket and spinach. In the north, towards the end of April, in the south even at the beginning of April, the following can be grown: watermelon, basil, cucumber, bean, green bean, melon, tomato, escarole, celery, pumpkin, courgette, aubergine and pepper.

How to grow a vegetable garden, the steps
1) Go to a dealer and buy the seedlings to transplant into the ground
2) According to the chosen plant, ask the dealer:
-“I have a patch of land of TOT meters, how many plants can I put and what type considering that we are in the month of TOT "
-“at what distance should the plants be planted from each other? "
- "Can you give me the variety with the best yield?"

There are many variety of plants and some have a higher production of vegetables. For example, with Totem Hybrid F1 tomatoes, several kilos of product can be obtained from a single plant.

3) Theirrigation it should only be done when the plant needs it. In this context, experience will help you, no general rules can be given because it depends on the geographical position, the amount of soil moisture, the atmospheric conditions, the variety of plants ... in short, when the soil is drier it will be necessary to irrigate. The farmer understands when the plant needs water because it will tend to wither (do not wait for the plant to wither but for it to show the first symptoms such as a lower tone of the leaves! As already mentioned above, experience will help you ).

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