Ecological ideas for the home

Ecological ideas for the home

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Do you want to reduce the environmental impact in your home? To help save the planet, here are a few ecological ideas for the home that will also allow you to save on consumption without giving up modern comforts.

Ecological ideas for the home, the flooring
If you need to replace the flooring in your home, choose bamboo or cork: they are renewable plant materials that in addition to being pleasing to the eye have the advantage of being resistant to water, insects and also protect from heat, cold and noise. .
For the choice of carpet you can opt for the recycled type: there are many companies that recycle plastic containers for drinks by making new yarns that are dyed and woven into carpet.

Ecological ideas for the home, bedding
For the bedding you can opt for the one based on organic fibers: the organic cotton sheets have nothing to envy with those made with petroleum-based fibers. You can find them online in a variety of colors, models and sizes.

Ecological ideas for the home, trees
Do you want an ecological house? An excellent idea is to plant trees at home, for this case bonsai are very suitable: they will let the fresh air flow into the house and ensure a cool environment in summer. Apartment gardens are all the rage lately.

Ecological ideas for the home, Windows
Why not install eco-friendly windows and doors in your home? Attention, they must be LEED certified for ecological efficiency and be made of recycled materials, such as wood, cardboard, metal, plastic and aluminum: they have the characteristic of guaranteeing little air infiltration and acquisition of solar heat to heat the house more.

Ecological ideas for the home, ecological paint
If you're painting your home, choose low-VOC paints, which come in bright colors and are free of polymer compounds.

Ecological ideas for the home, water recycling
For those who choose to live green at home, they cannot waste water! An ecological idea is to install used water recycling units, to use it again in a non-potable version, such as for washing cars, for gardening. Recycling saves water as a precious element for the ecosystem.
Those who choose the green style cannot buy bottled mineral waters because the producers use plastic bottles. You could alternatively install a reverse osmosis or distillation system for drinking water.

Ecological ideas for the home, solar panels
Among the priorities in the home of a DOC ecologist is the installation of solar panels to power all electrical appliances in the house. Then we will have to do our best to save electricity: the first task is to replace electrical appliances with energy-saving appliances.
How much space do you have in the garden? A truly green idea is to also install a windmill, it would serve not only to ensure your ecological approach but also to save money on electricity.

In short, there are many ecological ideas but living green is not easy, you have to firmly believe in it and adopt it in every area of ​​your life.

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