Coal will be the clean energy of the future?

Coal will be the clean energy of the future?

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The coal power plants could join the team of clean energy. Are you wondering how?
Is there a way to capture the CO2 given off by the burning of coal. The carbon dioxide, thus captured, should be stored without harming the climate and toenvironment. Alternatively, there is a way to produce power from coal without the process of combustion. Such a system could soon be available on the market at economically advantageous costs.

In an odd scenario we could speak of "white chimneys ", able to separate and collect the carbon dioxide (CO2) before it is released into the atmosphere next generation coal plants they will not have white chimneys but will be equally complicit in the fight against climate change.

Researchers fromAmerican Chemical Society (ACS), have collected a new success, the result of 200 hours of tests conducted on the first scale prototype that used the two most polluting forms of coal. The test was described in a study published in the journal ACS Energy & Fuel.

While environmentalists were hoping for a clear cut in the consumption of coal, it is likely that this element will also play a leading role in the future energy scenario. The technology developed by the American Chemical Society will pay off sustainable L'power produced by coal power plants. The system has proven its effectiveness in small-scale laboratory tests. The ACS research team has been working on the project for more than 10 years. Researchers focused on two different mechanisms for using coal, called respectively Syngas Chemical Looping (SCL) and Coal-Direct Chemical Looping (CDCL).

The technology tested by the ACS team is able to use the energy of the coal but without it being burned. This is because the coal is chemically burned in a special combustion chamber from which the polluting gases cannot escape. The only waste products of the entire process seem to be the coal ash, water and iron particles which can be easily recycled.

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