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Here's how the UN will participate in Expo 2015

Here's how the UN will participate in Expo 2015

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Expo 2015 Milan is feeding the planet, energies for life. It is clear that the creation of safe and sustainable food systems is one of the main focuses of Expo 2015. This issue, together with the lot al climate change and the affirmation of humanitarian rights, are on the agenda for the FAO and other UN agencies. Eduardo Roja-Briales, Deputy General Manager of Gao for the forest sector, he was appointed Commissioner General for United Nations preparations for the universal event to be held in Milan in two years.

"The UN will work with its partners and with Italy, the host country of the Expo, to share what we have learned in our commitment to improve the living conditions of the populations"- said Rojas who was appointed by the Secretary General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon General Commissioner for the coordination of UN initiatives-"We hope to be able to help governments, organizations, the private sector and families make more informed and consistent decisions about food security, nutrition, Sustainable Development and other vital issues for the future of our planet ”.

The aim is to make people think but above all to be able to inspire interventions aimed at creating safe food systems, sustainable and within everyone's reach. Strategies capable of guaranteeing one agricultural development even in countries where the water supply is still far away. See also Benin, a country in West Africa where the inhabitants live without electricity, without a water network and can only count on the harvest once a year because the climatic conditions ensure a single rainy period.

As is clear when it comes to "Conscious and coherent decisionin" in the context of nutrition, the role ofagriculture it is crucial. She is aware of this FAO which has started a collaboration with the International Fund for Agricultural Development (Ifad), with the WFP World Food Program and Bioversity International. The partnership will illustrate the activities and best practices of United Nations in the sectors related to the topics of Expo 2015.

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