Wood and technology at the Salone del Mobile

Wood and technology at the Salone del Mobile

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The Tonon Pit chair designed by the German team Maly Hoffmann Kahleyss

A warm and ancient material like wood combined with technology and design. The result are comfortable and beautiful seats, not just to see, for a refined and ecological furniture. Wood is one of the oldest of the materials with which objects are built, if it is of certified origin it does not harm the environment (the forest is a renewable source), the designers and technology transform it into techno-wood and project it into the future .

Wood, technology and design represent the trait d’union of the new 2013 models that the Friulian company Tonon, manufacturer of seating and furnishing accessories since 1926, presents al Salone del mobile in Milan from 9 to 14 April. Four new creations proposed by Tonon: Pit, Structure, Up and Step.

All the Tonon models they are completely made in Italy and built in Italy, but they do not fail to take the best of what i can offer designers from all over the world. The new Tonon chairs presented at the Salone del Mobile are made by international designers who have been able to capture and interpret the essence of the brand, creating masterpieces that are beautiful to look at and executed with craftsmanship in every detail but also comfortable to use and practical.

"Wood returns this year as the protagonist of the sessions, in a modern version compared to the traditional ones - says Sandro Tonon, president of the company -. Today wood, usually used for legs and backrest, is used in combination with technological and latest generation materials in the seat, with an eye to both comfort and design ”.

Tonon uses the integral polyurethane, a special foam which, thanks to an exclusive formulation, obtained through research carried out over the years by the company, guarantees softness and comfort. Integral polyurethane uses special molds, in limited daily production, and is the same used in the automotive industry to produce steering wheels, for example. In the seats it finds another application that brings out its qualities: softness, practicality in maintenance, resistance.

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