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Green Globe Banking Award 2013

Green Globe Banking Award 2013

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Banks and financial companies where the economic logic it is combined withattention and respect for the environment, with an approach that makes it possible to produce economic value by stimulating virtuous behavior, from the point of view of Sustainable Development, of the communities and territories in which the banks operate.

Utopia? The initiative tries to prove no Green Globe Banking with his Green Globe Banking Award 2013 (6th edition this year) maximum Italian recognition of the best practices of the banking and financial system in terms of environmental impacts. The 2012 edition won it UBI Banca, while the special 'Direct Impacts' and the 'honorary' awards went respectively to FIRA Green Bank is Italian Touring Club.

Objective of the Green Globe Banking Award is to promote in the banking and financial world the creation of eco-efficient products, activities and investments aimed at protecting and enhancing the natural capital of the territories in which they are located.

For this reason the Green Globe Banking Award goes to the bank with the best initiative in the field of environmental sustainability (experiences, special initiatives, products and services, projects, policies, campaigns…). The special 'Direct Impacts' award instead considers the ecological excellence of banks in daily work practice (energy savings and sustainable consumption).

The assessment of banks' best practices is carried out by Scientific Committee of the Award, which includes personalities from science, culture and economics. The award ceremony is scheduled for 13 June 2013 during the Green Globe Banking Conference, a reference moment to outline the state of the art of Italian Green Banking.

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