Job advertisements: how to avoid the pitfalls?

Job advertisements: how to avoid the pitfalls?

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Here is a series of useful advice in times of crisis to move safely and orient yourself in the universe of job advertisements. At a time when the looking for a new job it is made complex by the economic situation, it seems that offers are multiplying in the labor market that are not reliable.

The unreliable offers represent an additional obstacle and a waste of time also because, in this particular period, those seeking employment are often tempted by not completely transparent ads, which sometimes reserve unpleasant surprises.

Here then is from, the first Italian and European company in the online recruiting by number of job offers, Internet traffic and number of resumes in the database, a decalogue of advice aimed at those looking for work so as not to fall into the traps.

1- Generic offers: pay attention to job offers that outline very generic employment profiles and promise easy and huge gains in a short time;

2- Language: beware of communications sent with a graphic format and incorrect or ungrammatical language - they could be the warning of a case of phishing via email or web;

3- Search engine: if something does not apply, search the company, even online in a few clicks, to find information and immediately check that it is not a scam;

4- Work kit: do not purchase materials or work kits that are presented as necessary for starting a home business, if there are no guarantees of recovering the investment;

5- Sensitive data: never provide confidential and sensitive information requested via email or through web pages, unless you are 100% sure of the seriousness of the service;

6- Starter courses: do not sign up for paid training or start-up courses, anticipating the fee for the company that requests it, if the institute does not have any serious qualifications or certification;

7- Money requests: trash the job offers received that prove to be conditional on sending money, in any form;

8- Online contracts: do not sign contracts online, even if they are proposed under the supervision of a financial advisor, unless at least one interview has already been done in person;

9- Interviews: be suspicious if the hiring for the offered position does not involve any type of interview;

10Privacy policy and conditions of use: make sure that the site you rely on has clear terms and conditions, in which content of a certain type is explicitly prohibited, and a privacy policy in which the purpose of data processing is explicitly stated.

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