Agriculture can save the world

Agriculture can save the world

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L'agriculture it can have a harmful impact on the environment as well as beneficial. The agricultural sector requires large water resources and given the high use of pesticides and fertilizers, it is the cause of the production of large quantities of greenhouse gases. How much it is harmful emissions produces theagriculture? This question is answered in a database set up by FAO.

The agricultural sector plays a crucial role in the life of every living being, it strongly affects the balance of the entire earth ecosystem. With a'sustainable agriculture you could counter the food crisis and reduce the greenhouse gas emissions so as to mitigate the effect of climate change. By carrying out targeted interventions in the agricultural sector one would act upstream, directly on the causes of climate change. This is why it is important to have the harmful emissions linked toagriculture and that is precisely why Francesco Tubiello and his colleagues from the FAO have completed one database worldwide which reports all agricultural emissions from 1961 to 2010.

The world database of emissions from the agricultural and forestry sector has been thoroughly examined to obtain a detailed research published in "Enviromental Research Letters ". Research shows that the emissions from agriculture, deforestation and land use account for about one third of total emissions of anthropogenic origin. Environmentalists focus on fossil fuels while targeted and conscious action should start first and foremost fromagriculture.

They produce more greenhouse gases fossil fuels or agricultural activities?
In the 50 years considered by the study, emissions from the agricultural sector have grown but much less than those due to fossil fuels and to the production of concrete. This phenomenon is linked to growing urbanization and the expansion of the transport sector.

The study shows in detail the data for the different agricultural sub-sectors and for continents; on the database, thanks to the FAOSTAT access system, it is possible to find information about emissions for individual countries with the possibility of carrying out comparative analyzes between sectors and regions.

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