Brianza & Lavoro: Back to School

Brianza & Lavoro: Back to School

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Work problem, work emergency, even a territory - such as Brianza - where unemployment has always revolved around the minimum physiological value, experiences this concern as never before. Then the initiatives to promote theoccupation and the re-employment and we gladly insert them among ours IdeasGreen.

A green idea is for example that of SAP Italy, headquartered in the futuristic Torri Bianche district of Vimercate (MB), very committed to local associations and the local community, promotesBack to School, an active volunteer initiative carried out in collaboration with the Department of Social Policies of Municipality of Vimercate.

SAP operates in the IT world, is a world leader in the business software market and its project Back to School provides for the free provision of courses onuse of SAP modules (we are therefore talking about software) by company volunteers, aimed at unemployed of territory of Monza and Brianza, to provide them with useful skills to reposition themselves on the labor market.

Courses SAP Back to School will start in September 2013 and will be delivered according to two different modules, differentiated according to the previous knowledge of the candidates: "Course for SAP ERP user" is "Course for SAP Business One user".

Classes, taught by SAP employees who have chosen to volunteer, will take place at the training center of the SAP headquarters in Vimercate with a frequency of two days a week for each module. The first phase of the project will cover the Monza and Brianza area, to then also involve the SAP employees of the Rome office and then be extended to a wider area in Lombardy.

"We are particularly proud to be able to announce this initiative, which allows us to provide concrete help to the people of our community, especially in a time of economic uncertainty like the present one," he said.Tiberio Tesi, Human Resources Director and Chief Sustainability Officer of SAP Italia. "We believe that companies have a responsibility to promote a culture of social sustainability and attention to the individual, inside and outside the organization: technology, combined with the availability of individuals, can play a very important role in support for people and the revitalization of the territory ".

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