Lombardy, the most cemented region of Italy

Lombardy, the most cemented region of Italy

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In recent times, Italy has destroyed 7 square meters of farmland per second. If this seems like a ridiculous estimate, just consider that in 54 years, Italy has destroyed an area of farmland much larger than the entire Puglia region. In short, Italy is losing ground and not only in a metaphorical sense.

If any of you have thought well to blame them renewable energies and to assume that they are the solar systems to subtract land to agriculture... the hypothesis falls, in fact the dramatic phenomenon occurred only in Italy and not in the rest of Europe, furthermore the estimate refers to the 54 years that run between 1956 and 2010. The peak of agricultural land consumption it occurred in the 1990s with an estimated 10 square meters of farmland destroyed in every second. Agricultural land has given way to concrete and asphalt with a percentage of cemented soil that has gone from 2.8 percent in 1956 to 6.9 percent in 2010, equal to 20,000 square meters of surface covered with concrete and asphalt.

The research was developed by ISPRA and was highlighted last February, on the occasion of a conference on land use held in Rome. According to the ISPRA report, among the regions of Italy, the most cemented one is Lombardy, the only one to have lost more than 10 percent of its agricultural land.

There overbuilding it is not a phenomenon linked to economic growth rather than the reckless use of the territory. Land use generates numerous problems hydrogeological which worsen the already delicate situation of the boot. According to a report by the European Commission, between 1990 and 2006, in the countries of the Union "only" 2.3 percent of the agricultural land, a terrible loss but if you consider that this percentage in Italy rises to almost 7 percent, the general picture highlights a dramatic reality: Italy literally loses ground!

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