Grand Canal, the procession of hybrid boats arrives

Grand Canal, the procession of hybrid boats arrives

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The Grand Canal Venice is a very busy place: water taxis, couriers, barges loaded with concrete mixers… yet when we think of “Limited Traffic Areas” we imagine the mainland only. For the first time, in addition to the blocking of car traffic, in Mestre, there will be that of motor boats that on the occasion of the "day on foot ", will have to cease their activities on the Grand Canal.

There Lagoon without boats is a new image, the Grand Canal it will be closed at boats powered by fossil fuels, instead, the boats clean and electrically powered, just like on land. The prohibition of Grand Canal has a shorter duration than on land, if cars with a thermal engine cannot circulate on the street from 10 to 18 Grand Canal polluting boats will have to stop their activities for only 5 hours, from 10 to 15.

It is not just a question of pollution: the boats on the Lagoon they produce currents and waves which in the long run cause damage to the facades of buildings. The program for "the day on foot " it is part of a series of initiatives launched by the Municipality of Venice to embrace sustainability. The initiative was commissioned by the councilors for mobility, Ugo Bergamo, for the Environment Gianfranco Bettin, for the Strategic Plan, PIerfrancesco Ghetti and, for Tourism, Roberto Panciera. Further proof of the municipal administration's commitment to the fight against wave motion and pollution.

Grand Canal closed to boats, things to know
The program of the Sunday on foot predicts, at 11 the procession of hybrid boats, electric and rowing.
Reduced rates and free services:
from 10 to 15, the service for those moving from one side of the Canal to the other will be free thanks to ferry gondolas proposals through the collaboration of the Pallet Association. Reduced fares will also be available on the mainland for those using taxis and ecobus.

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