Spring cleaning, 10 green tips

Spring cleaning, 10 green tips

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Who among you does not hate the spring cleaning? Unpacking furniture and cabinets, putting new curtains and carpets back ... what an effort! To make the spring cleaning, for this year we offer you some "green strategy" that will make you save a bit of pennies. Maybe the spring cleaning they can be an excuse to make the house more efficient from a point of view energetic… Let's see how.

  1. Clean the oven filter.
    I bet you don't do it often ?! For the next spring cleaning, take a few minutes for clean the oven filter. A dirty filter strains the oven, on the contrary, a clean filter will make it more energy efficient.
  2. Wash the laundry
    Wash the clothes in cold water. This operation would save approximately 60 euros per year.
  3. Taps
    Replace home faucets with smart, automated or low-flow systems. Reduce the water waste it means saving the planet e save on your bill of water.
  4. Boiler or water heater?
    When cleaning, lower the water temperature to 55 ° C. With this operation, you do not think you have to "give up" the hot shower, the only effect it has is the positive one on your bill electric.
  5. Insulators.
    For save up to 20% on heating or cooling, avoid air leaks. Have all the fixtures checked and cut the drafts which, among other things, also let in pollen and dust!
  6. It is time to clean the chandeliers ....
    how about improving the efficiency of light bulbs with LED lighting systems? This will allow you to reduce the energy consumption about 1/3. LED bulbs consume only 20% of what classic compact bulbs consume. The energy saving it is guaranteed and also the one in the wallet: an LED bulb lasts about 25 years and they are not even that expensive, they are about 20 euros.
  7. Threads, threads and more threads!
    Order between wires and electrical sockets using a "multi-socket power strip " which incorporates an on / off button. This will help you bring order to the tangles of threads hidden behind the furniture in your home save money on the electricity bill, around 80 euros per year! Are you sure to turn off all appliances? Yup? Yet I seem to see the indicator lights of electrical appliances still on ... do you know that even in standby mode they consume energy? Take advantage of the spring cleaning to install a multi-socket system, the cheapest cost 3 euros but the most "advanced" bring accommodation that will allow you to "hide" unnecessary wires.
  8. Temperature
    Take advantage of the spring cleaning to check the hvac systems (ventilation, heating, cooling…) installed in the house. Add a programmable thermostat to eliminate waste.
  9. New purchases
    Are you planning to replace or buy a new appliance? Take a look at the energy classes and make sure you get the most efficient product.
  10. Chemicals… go!
    Better to avoid detergents and too aggressive chemicals. For every detergent you use there is a natural product that can guarantee you the same results. For the spring cleaning use cheaper and less toxic natural products, at this address you will find all the tips for degreasing, cleaning wood, floors and arguments in a natural way!



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