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Expo 2015 relaunches the Italian tourism industry

Expo 2015 relaunches the Italian tourism industry

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What does it mean forItalian tourism industry to host Expo 2015? To explain it is Riccardo Strano, of the National Tourism Agency (ENIT Italy), with an interview reported in theITB Berlin News.

L'ENIT promotes the unified image of the national tourist offer by encouraging incoming from abroad. ENIT has many offices abroad, in Asia, the Americas, Oceania and Europe, with theExpo 2015 Italian tourism will acquire added value and this will certainly not take a back seat in promotional campaigns ENIT. According to Riccardo Strano, theExpo 2015 it is a golden opportunity to promote Italian tourism in the world, not only Milan but visitors will be interested in the entire boot.

When it comes to Expo 2015 estimates refer to over 20 million visitors, a great opportunity for the promotion of the Italian regions and provinces, as well as for thetourism industry global which will launch a focus on the "Italian lifestyle": food and wine, good culture, sites of historical and artistic interest, territory, tradition, innovation, accommodation facilities ... all factors that make a I travel to italy a unique and unforgettable experience.

To support the site of Expo 2015 there is the strength of the entire geographical area, first of all with the historic residences, villas and monumental palaces that characterize the Lombardy region, not to mention the architectural jewels including the seventeenth-century country residence Villa Burba, the local lakes such as that of Como, Lugano and Maggiore, internationally known as cultural and natural attractions, these and other sites will be integrated into the countryside of Expo 2015 through a series of side events.

L'Expo 2015 will take place in Milan, in the "capital of fashion and design of Italy", The Lombard capital has already been the protagonist of a Universal Exposition, that of 1906. Thus, after about 100 years theExpo returns to Italy and returns to Milan. The site of Expo occupies an area of ​​1.5 million square meters, it is easily accessible from all airports in the region.



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