Incentives for renewables, the country makes money

Incentives for renewables, the country makes money

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In 2012 alone, with the photovoltaic, the price of the kWh has fallen by over one billion euros. The incentives at renewable they are more than justified, a study fully acquires the costs and in the end the Italian market earns almost 50 billion euros. To reach these conclusions, in fact, it did not require such a detailed study, in our article entitled "The Italian green economy " where we have emphasized that in Italy, the renewable are undervalued because the government values ​​theclean energy only in terms of costs to be incurred and not in terms of jobs created and a drop in the wholesale price of electric current, without considering the price of CO2 quotas.

The detailed study comes with the dossier created by Althesys, a strategic consulting company that presented the new edition of the Irex Annual Report in Rome during a round table discussion at the Energy Services Manager.

The study shows that the spread of clean sources it can bring benefits of up to almost 50 million euros to the Italian electricity system. The most negative estimate considers a return of 19 billion euros, while the most optimistic one sees benefits of 49 billion euros. The first scenario, the most pessimistic one, evaluates a situation of business as usual, the other scenario considers further support from the policy for the dissemination of clean energies. In short, with the intervention of the government, the Italian market could count on an economic return of 49 billion euros by 2030.

Reverse into renewable sees a first concrete advantage with relapses occupational along all stages of the supply chain "The incremental employees, i.e. considering only the jobs that would not exist in the absence of renewables - reads the report - they reach 130,000 in 2013 (already a sharp decline compared to the previous two years) and then stabilize between 45,000 and 60,000 by 2030. The benefits evaluated over the entire useful life of the plants are between 85 and 96.6 billion". There creation of new jobs is ensured, just look at what happened in 2012 where 53% of the effects are attributable to the installation phase and to the operation and maintenance effects were recorded for 47%.

The renewables guarantee savings in terms of losses emissions, a factor not to be underestimated even after the collapse of the pricecarbon dioxide on the European market. Yet another advantage is related to the so-called fuel risk, non-dependence on fossil fuels frees the national grid from fluctuations in prices linked to a running out of energy source.

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