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Feed for chickens

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In our Column on Laying Hens we have already dedicated a space to the feeding of these animals, today we will talk specifically about feed. More and more people decide to start a very small chicken farm, sometimes consisting of only 4 or 5 heads, this is to start the self-production of eggs and be really sure of the healthiness of the foods that are brought to the table.

In these months all the poultry are reproducing and the production of eggs is abundant. In a chicken coop, the number of birds per available square meter must not exceed 4. The well-being of the hens depends on the space available, rest and nutrition. The rations of food they must be abundant, malnutrition could limit the production of eggs or give rise to the deposition of anomalous eggs, a classic example is eggs with a too soft shell.

The leftovers of food of our kitchen could become a good food for hens, however, remember that we are only talking about waste of vegetable origin, including leftover bread as long as you soak it in water before serving. Regarding feed, a suitable mix could consist of chicken feed with 23% protein added to other farm products in the following proportions:

  • 40 percent of feed for chicks
  • 35 percent corn
  • 10 percent pea protein
  • 8 percent wheat
  • 7 percent of oyster shells

A measure of 20 grams of table salt must be added to the mixture for every 10 kg of mixture. In other words, to prepare 10 kg of chicken food you will need: 4 kg of feed for chicks (remember to buy the 23% protein one), 3+ 1/2 kg of corn, 1 kg of protein pea, 800 grams of wheat, 700 grams of oyster shells and 20 grams of cooking salt. Remember that the power supply of hens is very different from that of chickens for meat, the chickens are fed a higher quantity of farm grains.

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