How to press flowers

How to press flowers

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To prolong the splendor of the flowers that we love to have at home, you can press them personally. In the article we will explain how to press flowers following some very useful indications.

How to press flowers, important premises
Before press the flowers it is good to follow some indications:
collect i flowers from to press on dry days and in the afternoon, carefully avoiding humid and rainy days: they are damp with rain or dew, there is a risk that they will mold
to choose flowers with simple shapes and without too many petals: i flowers that best react todrying they are not too bulky, flat and single corolla.

How to press flowers, the procedure without a press
If you don't have one press specification is possible press a flower slipping it between the pages of a big book. If it is different flowers, we can press them by placing them between the sheets of a newspaper on which weights will be placed, such as bricks. Before placing them between the newspapers, place the tissue paper both under and above the flowers and make sure they don't touch each other. Within a month the flowers will be ready.

How to press flowers, the procedure with the press
For press the flowers you can use a flower press, here is the procedure:

  1. arrange on a corrugated cardboard some sheets of absorbent paper and a sheet of tissue paper
  2. place and carefully align the flowers without them touching
  3. place another sheet of tissue paper, absorbent paper and another corrugated cardboard
  4. place everything in the flower press tightening the nuts without exaggerating: an excessive pressure would destroy the flowers
  5. replace the absorbent paper every 2-3 days: the tissue paper should never be changed to prevent the flowers from breaking.

For drying the flowers it takes about 20-25 days but you can speed up times if you place the press in the sun: about half the time

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