Tips for growing potatoes

Tips for growing potatoes

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The best time to start grow potatoes it begins with the end of the winter season and continues during the spring season. Grow potatoes it's not difficult at all, just follow ours advice to have a great harvest!

For grow potatoes you just need to bury the tubers, in short, if among the potatoes you buy there are some that have sprouts, bury them, they will give life to a new plant! If the potato is large enough and has multiple sprouts, cut it into several pieces.

To facilitate the sprouting process, you can keep the potatoes in the dark. Depending on the climatic conditions and the season, potatoes can be watered 2-3 to 7-10 times a month. To adjust, just observe the soil: if it is too dry it is necessary to irrigate. Before starting a potato cultivation, the soil could be suitably fertilized so as to avoid further fertilization interventions during the growing season.

Tips for growing potatoes

  • keep the potatoes in the dark to facilitate the sprouting process
  • if the potato weighs more than 60 grams and has more sprouts, cut it into several parts and treat it with healing powder. Buried after 24-36 hours from cutting, so as to allow it to dry
  • the tubers must be buried in parallel rows spaced by at least 60-70 cm, the space is not so much useful for the propagation of the tuber as to allow the farmer to carry out the normal maintenance work and facilitate the harvest. This is why, in the crops on the balcony, the potato can be buried in a sack rich in soil and compost
  • always to facilitate maintenance work (irrigation, weed removal) and harvest, it is advisable to space the tubers along the row with 20-30 cm
  • the holes intended to house the tubers can be made with the aid of an awl
  • the tubers must be buried at a depth of 12-14 cm
  • the harvest begins towards the end of the summer season, when the vegetative part of the plant is completely dry.

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