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Eat organic

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The best way to eat organic consists in the self-contivation of food products: it is not difficult to raise hens for egg production and it is even easier to set up a small garden for the cultivation of vegetables and greens, only in this way can you be sure of eat organic. The speech becomes more difficult when we are hunting for meat and cold cuts from organic farms.

In biological agriculture, most of the interventions are preventive and growers cannot use active ingredients with curative action capable of blocking infections or parasitic attacks. In other words, the farmer can use products to protect crops but not to correct any errors.

In every region of Italy, there are many farmhouses that offer one organic cuisine, we saw it in Liguria with the La Francesca resort, we saw it in Campania, with the numerous restaurants in the provinces of Naples, Caserta and Benevento and again, we saw it in the Lazio region with shops, restaurants and shops that offer exclusively organic food (read more on this page).

That of to eat healthy and biological it has become a trend shared by even the most prestigious hotel chains. Hotels that offer organic menus are not uncommon as well as cruise ships that host exclusively organic dining options on board, as is the case of Celebrity Cruises, Royal Caribbean's luxury brand.

Eat organic, from the main ingredient to condiments
In an organic course, each ingredient must come from organic farming or agriculture, including condiments. In the production of organic oil, for example, peacock eye infections (cycloconio) on olive trees must be defeated using preventive methods such as the use of copper oxychloride. In the production of non-organically grown oil, the same infection would be treated with chemical pesticides.

If there is no space in the house to set up a vegetable garden, for eat organic just go to small producers and small local breeders. Usually these are family-run companies, for small productions, farmers and breeders, they do not invest in chemicals because they do not need to aim for quantity! Here because eat organic it is also possible without an organic label: small local producers do not always have the economic strength to deal with the bureaucratic procedures required by law.

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