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Know the beer. Since we learned that the 2013 edition of Horticultural will be supported 'warmly' by AssoBirra we set out to learn more about this drink and collected a lot of basic information. On history of beer, on how to make beer, on how beer is served and also on the curious relations between beer and gardening, today the passion of 8 out of 10 Italians according to statistics.

Since of theuse of beer in garden care we already talked about in a previous article, now let's go down in history and find that beer was born in Mesopotamia about 7 thousand years ago and then spread around the world starting from the Mediterranean basin (in Germany it arrived later in short). Today in Italy, beer has 35 million fans and surpasses wine in the preferences of the under 54s.

The secret of beer? Have no secrets and rely on simplicity. The beer recipe includes the same ingredients as bread: water (over 90%), from source and bacteriologically pure; cereals (the most used is thebarley, but depending on the recipe they are also used rice, wheat, rye and corn); yeast, which causes fermentation and characterizes the beer in all its aspects; hop, which gives it its characteristic bitter taste and is its natural preservative.

Natural choice beer: it is no coincidence that AssoBirra has chosen the claim Natural choice Beer for its participation in Orticola. Whether industrial or artisanal, beer is produced without the addition of dyes or preservatives; moreover, the Italian industrialists of beer rigorously produce it GMO-free with traceability certified of raw materials throughout the supply chain.

Environmentally friendly beer. Another interesting thing is that compared to 30 years ago, today in Italy 70% less water is consumed to make beer. This result was made possible by the innovation and attention that the whole Italian beer industry dedicated to environmental aspects. Packaging has also become lighter: -50% glass and -40% aluminum.

Beer friend of good food. Here it is a matter of taste. Personally at the table I prefer good wine (with the exception of pizza and summer barbecues) but maybe it's because I don't know beer enough (Lager, Pils…). For sure the beer is there bevandto alcoholicto which contains less alcohol absolutely (a classic lager beer has an alcohol content on average between 3% vol. and 5% vol.) and unlike wine there is also a non-alcoholic version.

Beer and calories. We thought beer made you fat, but they tell us that a lager beer has the same calories as an orange juice and that when consumed moderately (2-3 glasses per day for men, 1-2 for women) and possibly per meal, beer is a perfect complement to a healthy and balanced diet. Let's not forget that the information comes to us from AssoBirra, but we take it for granted.

How is beer served? The service of beer has 3 fundamental rules that make it tastier and tastier: it must be served properly temperature, with the glass in glass, possibly wet, and never without the proverbial two fingers of foam (and always without exceeding).

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