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Methods to save

Methods to save

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Save money and resources, in times of crisis, has become a priority for most Italian families. THE methods to save there are many, all of them involve our lifestyle and our daily habits starting from what we bring to the table up to the fuel shopping and bills.

Save money doesn't just mean reduce, save it can also mean optimizing consumption based on our concrete needs.

Methods to save

  • At the table: start the self-production of fruit and vegetables by setting up a small vegetable garden on the balcony. Those who have the opportunity can adopt a couple of hens for egg production. Bringing self-grown vegetables to the table is a great victory for the environment, for the wallet but above all for the well-being of the body.
  • At the supermarket: let's cut the constraints linked to a brand, too often the bran are not synonymous with quality but are just a name that is too publicized. Let's avoid shopping at the mall outside the city, it will do us save fuel and money. Find out about the small businesses in the locality where you live and buy meat and harvest from small local producers in order to cut the distribution chain and buy directly from the producer!
  • By car: avoid taking the car or starting a car-pooling service with neighbors, relatives or other users found online. Remember to drive sustainably so as to save about car maintenance work and fuel. For save on the fuel you just need to increase gear every time the engine has reached 2,000 rpm, rather than the odometer, while driving, take a look at the tachometer!
  • In home: save at home it means making cuts on the cost of heating, using class A + + + air conditioners, lowering the maximum temperature of the water dispenser (anyway, when mixing the water, open the cold one, we might as well fix it better at the source!), do the washing machine only at full load and perhaps with cold water, prefer natural ventilation to the electric fan, cook food in a sustainable way and much more. At home, even small gestures make the difference, for example, with the use of multi-sockets with switches, an average user can save 80 euros in their bills!

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