Terrace plants, which one to choose?

Terrace plants, which one to choose?

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The terrace can be decorated with gorgeous plants! The choice is very wide and it all depends on your tastes, in fact there are many plants that grow well both in full sun and in partial shade. In addition, those who live in the coldest areas of Italy can protect the plants by setting up a small vertical greenhouse or by purchasing plants resistant to the coldest temperatures.

For those who love rich blooms, the terrace plants more suitable are i Dwarf daisies and the Scabiose Japoniche. Both bloom from May to October and live well both in full flower and in partial shade. The two plants live well together, perhaps creating compositions in large planters.


On the terrace Dahlias are also well suited, there are many varieties. The retailer Bakker offers the "Bluesette-Tuber" dahlia, nicknamed "terrace dahlia ": Bluesette terrace dahlias are sensitive to frost, so they should be planted at the end of winter. Flowering begins in July and continues until late autumn (November). There plant is perfect for the terrace because it has a compact flowering, plus it is ideal to cut to create very fragrant bouquets.

Rose lovers will certainly appreciate Rosa polyantha. They bloom from June until the first frosts of October. Flowering is very rich and compact, the flowers are pink with white shades, the plant grows well both in full and partial shade.


Who prefers to have a terrace blooming even in winter, it can set up a small vertical greenhouse. Greenhouses of this kind are able to protect plants from the cold, have a metal skeleton and are covered with structured plastic material to carry a front opening. The plants they will be housed in the greenhouse on different shelves. The only drawback of these greenhouses is the price: for a small greenhouse (68 x 48 x 163 cm), consisting of four shelves, the user must be ready to shell out around 50 euros. To host the plants on the terrace, there are flower holders to hang on the walls or railings, these structures are perfect for hosting plants wall units.

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