Green work, the most sought after figures

Green work, the most sought after figures

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Thanks to the green economy, New professional figures are emerging, who are required specific skills in the sustainable economy. The green work it is a resource that Italy is exploiting to combat the economic crisis that has been affecting our country for years. The green work is based on services and techniques that respect the environment and nature by reprogramming all those activities that have a strong environmental impact.

Thanks to green work many professionals are establishing themselves in the green economy: many companies, both large and small, are now paying much more attention to the ecological impact of their business. The green work is finding its use in the industrial sector, in the food sector, in the construction sector and in the agricultural sector. Activities engaged in sectors that are not specifically green, but which deal with green issues, such as sectors that produce renewable energy, are also considered green.

Green work, the most sought after figures
Territory administrator. He is a high-level professional figure, for which you must have a degree in environmental engineering. Its task is to manage and analyze the formation (flora, fauna, geological structure) of a territory, also in light of the European directives in this regard.

Biotechnologist. Those with a biotechnology degree can access this figure. The biotechnologist produces (or studies the methods of production) biofuels and depollution systems.

Ecotourism. It is a green version of the tour operator, which promotes itineraries (including agro-food) far from conventional destinations and respecting nature.

Landscaper. It is a professional figure with the task of protecting the green even in the city and designing ad hoc areas. Numerous faculties of architecture have established a dedicated degree course.

Environmental impact assessor. He is a professional figure halfway between the engineer and the jurist (both figures, if supported by specialization courses, are valid) who knows the European and international standards for drafting technical assessments on urban and corporate projects.

And traditional professions can become green?
From the chef to the electrician, the ecological turnaround can interest anyone. Alongside the strictly technical figures, it is in fact possible to find the organic chef at 0 km, who cooks using only local ingredients, or the agent who sells packages of solar panels to condominiums.

Before choosing a professional address, it is good to evaluate how much the activities are green are growing: according to Isfol data, the number of workers in the green sector has risen by 41% in the last 14 years and the trend has been extremely up in the last two years.

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