Antigerm, to protect us from bacteria in a natural way

Antigerm, to protect us from bacteria in a natural way

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Do you know how many germs and bacteria can settle on a door handle? The handles most at risk are those of public places such as relaxation spaces or worse, the toilet, fecal bacteria can be found commonlyson the door handles and on the faucets.

On the occasion of Interzum 2013, the UniQa handle made its debut on the market, which, like all other products of the Regutti company, can be requested with Antigerm. The treatment Antigerm it consists of a special coating with Silver Ion which, applied to the handles, is able to protect homes, offices and public places from viruses and bacteria.

The Antigerm silver ion treatment is able to guarantee excellent results: it reduces the level of harmful microorganisms on the surface that comes into contact with our hands by more than 99 percent. In addition, thanks to the silver ions applied with Antigerm treatment, molds, algae and fungi as well as dangerous pathogens such as Leginella, MRSA, Escherichia Coli and Salmonella are also eliminated in a few minutes.

The handles with Antigerm treatment, designed and produced completely Ecofriendly, maintain their antibacterial action 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, protecting us from contagion and the spread of infections and diseases. The Antigerm treatment can be carried out on handles and accessories for doors and windows produced by the Regutti company.

In the image above, on the left, the levels of some microorganisms found on untreated handles are shown Antigerm. On the right, we see the sharp decline in microorganisms on the surface with AI treatment Antigerm Silver ions. Laboratory tests demonstrate the effectiveness of silver ions which are absolutely safe for human health but harmful to microorganisms: silver ions are slowly released, blocking the cellular respiration process of microorganisms so as to protect us from germs and bacteria. The Antigerm treatment is proposed by the Brescia-based company Regutti.

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