DIY soap bars

DIY soap bars

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It's possible make soap in home? Sure, the soaps they are easy to make and allows us to make a contribution to protecting the environment. The DIY soap bars they are a green gesture in the context of daily actions. In fact, the soaps on the market (just read the labels carefully to confirm this) contain non-natural ingredients and above all harmful to the skin. With the DIY soap bars you will be sure of the ingredients used. But not only! Rediscovering the pleasure of recycling and making it yourself is good for your health, your wallet and your mood! Here is the recipe for "DIY soap bars“.

DIY soap bars, what you need
To make soap without soda, suitable for body hygiene, we need:

  • Glycerine
  • Food coloring
  • Essential oils (lemon, lavender, bergamot, lemon, sandalwood, the choice of the perfume you prefer is up to you)
  • Silicone molds (different shapes can be used)

DIY soap bars, the preparation

  1. Take the glycerin found in solid form and dissolve it in a water bath
  2. As soon as it becomes liquid, pour it into the molds, adding a few drops of food coloring and essential oils
  3. When the contents become solid, they will easily detach from the molds and will be soaps to be used.

Variant: if you like it for example do a soap to honey, just add a little honey, honey-scented oil and yellow food coloring to the dissolved glycerin. Spices like saffron can also add a touch of color to the soap. Cinnamon, chocolate and vanilla are also natural ingredients that can lend a delicate scent to soap.

Gift ideas: they can be wrapped in colored tissue paper and closed in small packages with satin ribbon and then placed in a box with pot pouri inside. They can make great gifts for any occasion. You can also add dried flowers at the time of colo in the mold for decoration.

Important information: the soaps homemade products have important properties and to keep them in good condition it is necessary to know how to preserve them.Therefore, never forget to seal the perfumed soaps in an envelope to prevent the essential oils you added to the mixture from losing their properties. On the contrary, as regards the soaps without the addition of scented oils, they do not need to be sealed in an envelope.

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