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The honey it can be defined as a 100% natural product given that there is no human manipulation in production ........ only flowers and bees! But the honey it can also be biological. Here are the features of the organic honey.

Organic honey, the legislation
In the production of the organic honey some legal regulations must be strictly observed. The main source of legislation on organic matters is Regulation No. 834/2007 of 28 June 2007 which governs organic production and the labeling of organic products.
The rules governing the quality of organic honey:

  • there must be no hives, landfills, high-traffic roads, industrial plants, specialized orchards or extensive crops within 3 km of the location
  • the hives must be built with natural materials, the other materials used must also be natural
  • the destruction of bees as a method connected to the collection of beekeeping products is prohibited
  • it is not allowed to use treatments with antibiotics, pesticides and any other product that leaves residues in honey or wax
  • the wax that is introduced into the nest must be free of residues: the wax used in organic farming must be certified by chemical analyzes that guarantee the absence of chemical residues
  • Microfiltration, mixing, pasteurization is prohibited: the latter technique avoids the crystallization of the honey which denatures all enzymes, vitamins, proteins and consequently everything that is healthy for honey
  • the use of genetically modified organisms is strictly prohibited: the accidental presence of GMOs must be no more than 0.9%

Organic honey, the brand
Only the packages of honey which contain at least 95% organic ingredients, non-organic honey packages can still carry any organic ingredients.

Honey is suitable for those on a diet. In fact, it provides readily available calories that are not harmful to the body, since the sugars that compose it, fructose and glucose, must not be broken down by the liver.

In short, the organic honey, has infinite beneficial properties for the body, from the skin to the internal organs, without neglecting the pleasure that the palate derives from it.

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