How to freeze food

How to freeze food

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Freeze the food it is a practice widely used in families, having the opportunity to save time and money. Storage must be done in the right way to avoid disease caused by bacteria. Freeze the food it allows us to preserve, for example, the vegetables from our garden, of course the flavor will not be the same but at least we know the origin! Here how to freeze food in the right way.

How to freeze food, the directions
When freezing, make sure that the food is closed in containers that are impermeable to moisture and steam: food that is not perfectly closed could be subject to alteration of flavor.
Make sure that the materials for freezing are specific for food.
Avoid glass or earthenware jars: the low temperature could cause them to break

How to freeze food, meat
The meat, regardless of the type, can be frozen, the important thing is to pack it in the portions you need from time to time: thawed meat cannot be refrozen. Before packing the meat, clean it and portion it.
Freezing times:
Beef - Veal: 6-12 months
Pork - Sheep: 4-7 months
Chicken - Turkey: 12 months
Minced meat - Hamburger: 1- 3 months
Sausages: 2 months

How to freeze food, the fish
It's possible to freeze even the fish, the important thing is that it is fresh, that is, fished no later than 24 hours before. Before proceeding with freezing, the fish must be cleaned, scaled, cut into slices, fillets or slices (depending on the type of fish).
In the case of crustaceans it is advisable to pass them a few minutes in boiling water and remove their head and shell before being packaged for freezing. The ideal packaging is aluminum trays.
Freezing times
Lean fish: 4-6 months
Fatty fish: 2 - 3 months

How to freeze food, vegetables
It's possible to freeze vegetables except those whose water content is quite high.
Before packing them for freezing, they need to be thoroughly washed and boiled. The most suitable packaging is food bags, but be careful to let all the air out before closing them. Alternatively, aluminum trays are also good.
Freezing time
Vegetables: 6 - 12 months
Vegetable soups: 2 - 3 months

How to freeze bread
Bread can be stored in the freezer, either in small pieces or in slices or loaves. To defrost it, just put it directly in the preheated oven for two or three minutes.
Freezing time: can be frozen for a maximum of one month.

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