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Devices for calculating electrical consumption

Devices for calculating electrical consumption

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Those for to calculate the electricity consumption more than sensors they are real devices that by connecting to the home network are able to record each consumption. Some models manage to restart i consumption to the various electrical appliances in the house. With the calculation gods power consumptions, it will be even easier to save on your bill! Let's see together what are the "sensors“, Or rather, the devices that will help us in calculation of the electricity consumption.

The most complete device is the one that attaches to the general meter and translates the numbers and inputs of the meter into digits that are easier to understand. This is the case of Current Cost. The device shows i power consumptions in a clear and easy to understand way. The user can view them in numerical figures or graphs that can be daily or weekly. Furthermore, by using special plugs, it will be possible to monitor the power consumptions of each individual household appliance. The spien behave like "sensorsdetecting how much energy has been consumed by that specific device: TV, washing machine, computer .... A more complete version provides the sensor optical OptiSmart, it reads the counter pulses and offers 100% accuracy. The device with optical reader can calculate the consumption of electricity but also of water and gas.

For those looking for a device that can automatically cut waste, there is the nice BugPlug. With his sensors of movement, BugPlug acts like an electrical power strip that activates household appliances, putting them on standby, only when someone is at home. Standby mode also requires some energy: every time the TV is off but the red peephole is lit ... well, it's consuming electricity, this also applies to the oven, radio and other electrical appliances!

When it comes to electricity consumption, smartphones can also play their part. MeterPlug it is an accessory that looks like an adapter, it must be inserted between the electrical equipment you are using and the electrical outlet. MeterPlug behaves like a sensor/ energy recorder and transfers all collected data to your smartphone. The flaw with the MeterPlug is that to monitor more electrical equipment, you need to buy more units! Thus, the best solution for calculate energy consumption of the entire home with the possibility of a daily or weekly analysis and also to analyze household appliance by household appliance, CostCurrent remains.

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