DIY restoration of old furniture

DIY restoration of old furniture

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Old furniture and ruined, our hearts cry to have to put them in the attic or worse throw them away. Maybe it is furniture inherited from grandparents who over time have lost their beauty or have been ruined.
Before making a gesture that could damage the environment among other things, let's try to restore these furniture and if this is not possible, remember that there is the possibility of recycling them. If the cost of the restoration is your problem, no problem! Here how to DIY restore old furniture to save them from the signs of time.

DIY restoration of old furniture, the necessary
Paint stripper,
woodworm product
furniture putty
transparent protective spray
sand paper
metal sponge
nylon cloth

DIY restoration of old furniture, the restoration phases
For a perfect restoration the old furniture it must be:

  1. stripped
  2. treated with the anti-moth
  3. grouted
  4. polished

DIY restoration of old furniture: the procedure

  1. Before proceeding, thoroughly clean the piece of furniture to be restored after having disassembled it as far as possible: remove any drawers and all the iron accessories
  2. Apply the paint remover on the furniture and leave it to act for a few minutes
  3. Remove the paint with the putty knife
  4. Remove any paint residue with sandpaper
  5. Spread a nylon sheet on the floor to place the piece of furniture in the center
  6. Make a mothproof pass with the help of the brush
  7. Close the cabinet with the cloth and leave it like this for at least 10 days
  8. Then apply the specific putty for furniture to eliminate scratches or holes
  9. Pass over a shellac with a metal sponge and repeat the operation several times: it is used to give the furniture an aged look
  10. If you prefer, you can pass a transparent varnish giving it a shiny appearance, at the same time a protective layer will form that will protect the furniture more.

Now the furniture is a new piece of furniture for your home

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