Velorapida: the Italian style electric bike

Velorapida: the Italian style electric bike

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Velorapida Style model with rod brakes and coaster pedal

What is that Velorapida? A electric bicycle, sorry ... a assisted pedaling, produced entirely in Italy and equipped with a 250 watt motor and a battery that allows it to develop a speed of 25 km / h with 60 kilometers of autonomy. The frame is one of the lightest in the category electric bikes plus it is liquid painted as in the best Italian tradition, so the color is more vivid, highlighting the details.

Velorapida it mounts SRAM automatic transmissions inside the rear hub with the advantage of having the chain taut and always in line, which allows a comfortable ride even when the pedaling is not assisted because the vlocipede is in non-electric operation. No fear of exaggerating with the speed, also because the bikes have an LCD display to control and adjust the speed (5 levels) and check the kilometers traveled.

Not enough for you? Velorapida it is equipped with a front and rear brake (the latter only in the coaster pedal Style model, the most expensive) and the wheels are hand-spoked with reinforced stainless steel spokes, for greater strength and safety. The battery is front and not visible, cables reduced to a minimum, customizable colors and numerous accesses: top case, saddlebag, saddle, padlock and perhaps something else.

Velorapida it is Italian style and the prices are not Chinese, no offense to anyone, but nothing strange given the average of the pieces of electric bikes. Model Style with rod brakes and coaster pedal costs 2100 euros; there Country, with reinforced frame and wheels, suitable for the countryside as well as the city, 1950 euros; there Myth, with Graziella frame, folding, 1500 euros; there Legend, with leather-wrapped handlebars, reversed brake levers and two-color painted frame, 1950 euros; there Transporter, super-reinforced model, to carry even the heaviest loads in style, 1650 euros; there Naked, without mudguards, light and snappy, 1450 euros; there Sport, the bike for sportsmen but with reinforced wheels for greater stability, 1600 euros.

Economical maintenance, with very low costs compared to any other means: a good breakfast and 1 euro are enough to travel 500 kilometers. Like all electric pedal assisted bikes, Velorapida It does not require a license, road tax, insurance and allows you to enter the restricted traffic areas of cities without worries.

Last question: where can you buy it Velorapida? Answer: only on the Internet, starting from the next days on the Velorapida website

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