How to build a mosquito net

How to build a mosquito net

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Summer has arrived and the annoying ones come to visit us on time mosquitoes. To fight the mosquitoes, the most effective remedy is the mosquito net. Building a mosquito net it's not difficult, it just takes time and patience. If you don't know how to build it, no problem. In the article we will illustrate how to build a mosquito net step by step.

How to build a mosquito net, what you need
1 sheet for the mosquito net: the size depends on the size of the window
1 pair of scissors
1 team
1 pack of thumbtacks
1 hammer
2.5 cm nails for wood
4 cm nails for wood
1 roll of packing tape
4 flat wooden dowels 12 x 4 cm thick at least 1.5 cm
4 square slats 2 x 2 cm thick for the size of the window (2 of which for the height and two for the width)

Useful information: before proceeding you must take the measurements of the window both in height and in width

How to build a mosquito net, the procedure

  1. Place the square strips on the ground and build the frame, with the help of the team
  2. Secure the battens using 4 cm nails
  3. Place the four blocks crosswise on each corner of the frame, as in the photo

  1. Turn the frame over and spread the tarp on the outside of the frame
  2. Start from one of the long sides of the frame and gradually fold the edge of the sheet inwards
  3. Repeat the operation also for the short side of the frame
  4. Secure the folded sheet at the corner of the frame with a pin
  5. Keep the cloth taut and secure the folded edge along the entire frame, maintaining a distance of 4 or 5 cm between one pin and the other
  6. Turn the frame over on the other side and with scissors cut the cloth inside the frame that is advanced

How to build a mosquito net, anchor to the window
Once the mosquito net it will have to be anchored to the window. To do this we will need the packing tape that we will use to create a sort of insulating gasket.

  1. Take the tape and place it along all the edges of the frame, taking care to make it protrude beyond the strip for half its width.
  2. Fold the protruding tape back on itself, pressing well to eliminate any air bubbles
  3. Now insert the frame in the window opening, positioning the outer side towards yourself and press lightly to fit it to the window.

Video: Mosquito Net Frame Instructions for Bamboo or Wood (July 2022).


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