How to do ecological tourism

How to do ecological tourism

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The ecological tourism it is an alternative way of experiencing tourism, which involves responsible attitudes towards the environment and the nature that surrounds us, without having to give up fun, well-being and relaxation. In theecotourism places in the countryside, woods, naturalistic oases and parks are preferred. What it entails making ecological tourism?

How to do ecological tourism, guarantees of the structures
Ecological tourism involves a series of responsible choices towards the environment, starting with the preference of the campsite, hotel, guesthouse, farmhouse, etc.
The choice must fall on the structures that display the Ecolabel ecological label, a guarantee that the structure respects the protocol provided by Asshotel-Confesercenti and Legambiente.
What does this guarantee mean?
The structures with this brand must respect certain rules:

  • energy saving
  • reduction of water consumption
  • waste disposal
  • collective transport
  • promotion of a healthier diet that enhances local and organic products.

How to do ecological tourism, responsible behavior
In ecological tourism there are some behaviors to respect:

  • When you go on a trip out of town you have to keep a bag in your backpack to then put the waste in the available bins
  • Instead of plastic bottles, prefer the thermos, moisturizing bags and water bottle
  • Bring food without useless containers
  • If you go camping, return the environment to its natural state when you remove the tent
  • Don't leave any kind of rejection lying around
  • For trips to the sea, try to keep the beach clean without leaving bags, bottles, waste as if it were a landfill in which to leave waste, including cigarette butts
  • Do not shower on the beach with shampoo and body wash
  • Respect the natural habitats of the seabed and do not collect seahorses, starfish or corals.
  • If you own a boat, respect the motor navigation prohibitions and report any illegal discharges to the Port Authority
  • Ecological tourism also involves a conscious choice, favoring genuine foods, possibly local and organic.

L'eco tourism in short, it is total respect for the environment on vacation.

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