The most Trendy apartment vases

The most Trendy apartment vases

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The choice of the plant is important but also i vases are crucial! Today we will see what the sector offers so as to be able to identify the vases best suited to yours flat. Choosing a jar must be operated in full compliance with the furnishings and, since the eye also wants its part, we offer you a photo gallery where you can get an idea of ​​the proposals of the vases!

Floating Garden
These vases they are perfect if you want to give a futuristic look to yours flat. The name "Floating Garden" literally means "floating garden", this is because i vases they almost seem to float in the air since they are fixed to the ceiling.

An entire line of apartment vases is proposed by the Pure brand, expert in the production of vases and planters. The Pure line is characterized by an elegant and versatile design. The materials used are highly resistant and 100% waterproof so as to slow down evaporation, plus they do not leave those annoying fingerprints on the support base, table, floor or window sill. The Pure line offers various models, among these there is the planter pictured above: its oval shape is perfect to be placed on a table.


Others vases interesting to furnish a flat they are the most classic ones, perhaps in wicker or fake wicker! Some vases are associated with an irrigation system that allows you to water the plants daily without soiling theflat and above all without tiring: it will be the jar to think of everything for you. This is the case of the Lechuza irrigation system: it releases water and fertilizer into the soil of the plant.


Exist vases from flat from the most varied shapes, from cylindrical ones to more squared vases. Who has a flat modern or contemporary style, in addition to the Floating Garden, can count on Adaptation, a jar refined and innovative. Adaptation is composed of an aluminum base covered with granite marble from which 4 glass cylinders emerge, at the base of each cylinder there is a stainless steel sphere. Inside the base I dream of magnets that influence the position of the cylinders. The cylinders must be placed i flowers, the vase will change composition according to the motion of the magnets that will tilt and change the shape of the vessels.

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