Wind power

Mini wind turbines for domestic use

Mini wind turbines for domestic use

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With the small domestic wind turbines it is possible to bring clean energy into the home using a device that converts the force of the wind into electrical power. When it comes to domestic wind it refers to both turbines mini wind turbines that shovels micro-wind turbines. The difference between the two categories of plants lies in the capacity in kilowatts (kW): while the mini wind turbines they can produce up to 30 kW, the maximum power for a micro wind turbine is only 1 kilowatt.

In Italy, the domestic wind sector is still a bit immature but there is no lack of market proposals. Give hermini wind turbinesBornay (some are so small that they weigh less than 30 kg!), To the most innovative wind turbines and less conventional shapes such as the EcoWhisper (characterized by maximum silence), without forgetting the WindOrcharld, with rather competitive prices with a good quality / quality ratio. price and the wind turbine Harmowind designed for courtyard installation.

In this context there is no shortage of proposals that associate one mini wind turbine to a battery for energy storage or even kits that combine small domestic wind turbines to small photovoltaic systems. This is the case of the SolarShop market proposals which offers kits that combine photovoltaic modules with mini wind. SolarShop offers mini wind turbines for use domestic at a price starting at 2,000 euros. Going back to talking about the combinations, we see that a kit with a more accessible and rather complete price includes an island system with:

  • 8 polycrystalline photovoltaic modules
  • mini wind from 1.5 kW
  • 8 lead-acid batteries for energy storage

The kit also includes inverter, electrical panel and multi-input battery charger to allow the storage of energy from both wind turbine than from the mini photovoltaic system. Those who do not want such a kit can simply buy a wind turbine, very popular are those with 3 kW of power.

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