Remedies for ants

Remedies for ants

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In summer, the invasions of the very annoying ants on the terrace or at home there is no shortage! To remove the ants invasive methods are not necessarily needed, there are also natural methods effective against ants. We will show you below ant remedies, using completely natural ingredients.

Remedies for ants, prevention
Since the ants they possess a very powerful sense of smell, they perceive foods rich in starch from afar. Therefore it is a good rule to always clean the house and especially the kitchen, taking care to eliminate the crumbs of bread and sweets, which are often found on the ground after meals. Nor should you neglect the cleaning of the sink: dishes and dishes should never be left for long after each meal. Handouts also become favorite targets of ants, therefore they must be kept clean and closed. Another point of access for ants are the cracks in doors and windows and the skirting boards: they enter the house if they find a very easy passage. Therefore, it is advisable to close every crack, filling or fixing silicone in the identified points.
Useful information: if you own a garden, you can grow mint since ants hate the smell of this plant. Alternatively, you can place pots of mint on the windowsills with a risky entrance.

Remedies for ants, natural methods
To remove the ants we can resort to natural methods, using the same sense of smell as ants and thus create repellents.
Among the natural repellents we mention vinegar, mint and coffee, ingredients that can be used in different ways. Here are some pointers:

  • A few mint leaves placed on the windowsills or near the doors are an effective repellent: in the absence of the leaves you can use mint tea bags.
  • Coffee can create an effective barrier against ants. If we mix it with talcum powder, it becomes an even more effective repellent.
  • Another anti remedy ants are the essential oils, especially that of eucalyptus and that of cajeput: these two oils can be mixed with a little ethyl alcohol and then sprayed through a nebulizer on the paths preferred by ants.
  • Finally, vinegar is also a decent repellent against ants. To use it, just dissolve it in water with a few drops of lemon and then spray it on the access points of the ants. Alternatively, we can put the vinegar together with the detergent we use to wash the floors

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