Wind power

Wind turbines in wood, for industry or for the home

Wind turbines in wood, for industry or for the home

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There is no more ecological material thanwood and again, there is no cleaner energy than renewable ones. From this union thewind turbines in wood. Thewind turbines in woodpresent with greater efficiency, it is estimated an energy production of 30-40% more thanwind turbinesconventional.

There are various companies to proposewind turbines in wood, among these we point out the Timber Tower, a German company that designswind turbines in wood200 meters high and with an efficiency higher than the classic oneswind turbinesby as much as 30-40%. Thewind turbinesWoodof the Timber Tower should have a more accessible price: it is estimated 20% less than traditional ones turbines. In this way, the cost ofwind energywill drop to 5 cents per kWh, thus, the price of wind energy can be compared to that of nuclear energy.

Thewind turbines in woodare doubly sustainable: thewoodused for their production can be produced by economically and socially responsible companies in forest management. Estimates of the German company see a life cycle of 20 years and has reached the first year thewooden turbineadopted by the city of Hanover, thewooden wind bladeit is 140 meters high.

Not onlywind turbinesgiants but also small wind turbine in wood: the Pesaro-based company, Macht srl, markets and produces small wind turbines in bio-compatible materials. We are talking about wood and recyclable aluminum. Theremini wind turbineit's called Nausicaa, it weighs 25 kg and can be used both as an independent island and connected to the electricity grid by means of an inverter. The price of themini wooden wind bladevaries according to the power supplied: from 0.4 to 1.0 kW / p. Those who want to go further, existwind turbines in woodfor domestic use that reach up to 2.5 kW / p, this is the case of the Energiattiva proposals which, on request, can carry out projects up to 200 kW / p.

Anyone who has some experience with thewoodand crafts, can try to self-produce onewooden wind bladeby consulting this illustrated guide.

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