Health in the kitchen: steaming

Health in the kitchen: steaming

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It is the most dietary of cooking methods because it does not include the addition of fats and best preserves the nutritional properties of food. Of course it is not as appetizing as a good fry or a juicy roast, but using herbs and aromas well, the palate will also have its part. TO vapor Yes they can cook fresh vegetables and greens, thin fish or fish fillets, but also meat cut into thin slices.

Characteristics of the steaming are the low temperature (100 ° C is in fact a relatively low temperature) and the absence of direct contact between the water and the food to be cooked. This ensures that the nutritional properties of food are not altered (as occurs in the oven due to the high temperature) and that there is no loss of vitamins due to dilution (as occurs in boiling).

Even when boiled, foods cook around 100 ° C, but lose about half of the content of vitamins C and B1 and a good part of B2, which are dispersed in the water. In steaming instead, only 25% of C and B1 and 10% of B2 are lost. Vitamins are not lost even in the pan, of course, but in the pan you need to add fats that are often indigestible (especially if cooking is prolonged), fattening and in some diets to be avoided.

And to give a little more flavor? The water used for the steaming it can be flavored to taste, for example with wine, vinegar, lemon, celery, carrots, onions, parsley… according to taste and what you want to cook. In general, the same combinations of other cooking methods are respected: toad with veal, sage with pork, vinegar with fish.

Another way to make the steam cooking it is paired with various types of sauces, such as the very classic mayonnaise, tartar and aurora sauce. Also very suitable are caper or anchovy vinaigrettes (especially with vegetables), yogurt sauce (fish and vegetables) and green sauce (beef and veal). In moderation, however: the excess of sauces is in fact in contradiction with the basic principle of steaming, which is that of a dietary and easily digestible cuisine.

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