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20 ways to save water and reduce waste

20 ways to save water and reduce waste

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For some families, the bill ofwater it can be a real sting. Saving water can be a very smart move for both the domestic economy and the global water balance. Today we will see howsave the waterat home, while for water saving in the garden we refer you to this article.

Save the water, good practices for water saving
Think thatsave the wateris it impossible? 37% of the world population lives in China and India but these countries use only 10.8% of the drinking water present in the globe. Probably that of the Indian and Chinese population is not a conscious choice but it is certainly the tangible proof that in the West there is too much waste! Let's see some flash tips forsave the waterin home:

  1. Energy production also has a certain water footprint, saving energy means to save the planet's water resources.
  2. Some appliances (refrigerators, air conditioners, freezers ...) use a flow of water for cooling. Consider the option of scrapping this old technology by purchasing airflow appliances that in addition tosave waterallow a high saving on the electricity bill.
  3. Only operate the washing machine and dishwasher with full loads. An American estimate states that eliminating waste associated with washing machines and dishwashers is possible to save up to 1,000 liters of water per month.
  4. Carry out the classic home maintenance work to prevent the onset of leaks.
  5. For cold drinks, do not turn on the tap while waiting for fresh water to flow: place a jug of water in the fridge and use it if necessary.
  6. Do not wash fruit and vegetables in running water.
  7. Use the water from the pasta to wash the dishes: it is true, that water may seem dirty but the load of starch will only help you clean the dishes!
  8. A couple of minutes shower will do youto savemore than 150 liters of water per month.
  9. If you have an aquarium, the classic replacement, use that water rich in nutrients to irrigate the plants.
  10. Put a food coloring in the toilet flush tank. If the water in your toilet becomes colored even when you haven't flushed it, it means there is a leak! With a more efficient use of the toilet flush they canto saveup to 1000 liters of water per month.
  11. Use rainwater for garden and veranda maintenance work.
  12. To defrost food, do not use running water but let it defrost in the fridge: it will save you energy on the use of the refrigerator and will guarantee excellent food hygiene!
  13. Turn off the taps while soaping your hands and hair or brushing your teeth.
  14. Teach your children to close the taps well after use.
  15. Use water-efficient taps that are easy to install and also inexpensive.
  16. Encourage your child's teachers to implement an education program for conscious consumption ofwater.
  17. Install instant water heating systems and smart mixers.
  18. If you have an artificial pond or swimming pool, install a recycling pump.
  19. If the toilet drain is dated, replace it with a dispenser or insert a couple of bricks inside the tank that will increase the volume of water, wasting less water for each drain.
  20. The cooking water of the pasta can be used for the preparation of soups and risottos.

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