Energy saving

Energy certification: savings and tax bonus

Energy certification: savings and tax bonus

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To seize the opportunities offered by energy certification this study should be considered as a complete home check-up which, in addition to the indication of the energy rating mandatory by law, it can provide all the useful elements to improve the energy performance and reduce the costs for winter air conditioning by taking advantage of tax breaks required by law.

The certification, which takes the form of a certificate from energy quality of the house, it should in fact be one energy diagnosis of all, absolutely all, the aspects that in some way affect the energy performance.

Lighting systems. It's hard to believe, but replacing incandescent bulbs with low consumption light bulbs it really allows an average reduction of 80% of energy consumption related to lighting. Considering that current high-efficiency light bulbs are produced in shapes that are well suited to existing lamps and lighting fixtures, they must certainly be taken into consideration.

In addition, the higher purchase cost of low consumption light bulbs, which has been significantly reduced in the face of higher production, is compensated by a longer duration, approximately 10 times. Attention: even the low consumption light bulbs, like dwellings, are classified with levels of energy efficiency from A to G. For external lights, as well as low consumption devices, it is advisable to equip the system with a motion detector so that they only turn on when darkness falls or when someone passes by.

Air conditioners. Those who use electricity to heat their home and live in an area with a mild climate should consider installing a heating system with heat pump high energy efficiency.

Boiler. Electric boilers are often used to heat the water, which consume large amounts of electricity. You could consider replacing it with a LPG boiler and integration with a solar thermal system, perhaps of the solar thermal photovoltaic type.

Insulation. Taking care of the thermal insulation of the home with the use of efficient insulation products on the roof, ceilings and external walls is actually the first and most effective system of energy efficiency. Keep in mind that there are also insulators of natural origin (cork, wood fiber, cellulose, hemp ...) which, in addition to functioning well in all seasons (not only in winter) and being breathable, also have a limited ecological impact.

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