Steam cooking, healthy and ecological cooking

Steam cooking, healthy and ecological cooking

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Today we will show you how to do the steaming, a very healthy cooking technique, as well as ecological. Why greet? Thanks to steaming, the substances present in food, such as vitamins and minerals, are not dispersed in the cooking water, resulting in richer foods from a nutritional point of view. Furthermore, there is no need to add fat and this allows us to prepare dishes with a low calorie content. Why ecological? There steaming it involves considerable energy savings, as it takes much less time to prepare the dishes. Furthermore, more baskets can be stacked on the same pot in order to allow the preparation of several dishes at the same time. The flame of the stove can not only be at a minimum, but sometimes it can also be extinguished a few minutes before the end of cooking, further saving on its consumption. But let's see in detail what we need to do steam cooking.

Steaming, the instruments

What do we need to do the steaming? Anyone who owns a pot with a built-in steel colander could already do it steaming, just place the dishes inside the colander and put some water on the bottom of the pot: on sale there are useful supports to distance the colander from the bottom, if necessary.

Alternatively, you can buy bamboo steaming baskets for a few euros. In this case it will be sufficient to choose the most suitable size based on the pots you already have, on which the basket will be placed. In addition to the ciso bamboo baskets, also the metal ones with a perforated bottom, specific for steam cooking. Again, the basket will have to fit into one of your pots with a lid: during cooking, the pot must be completely covered by the lid. Typically, metal baskets fit most cookware.

ATTENTION: the water in the pot must never touch the food, so make sure that the amount of water never exceeds half the volume of the pot. However, the amount of water must not be excessively low, to avoid burning and damaging the bottom of the pot.

Steaming, the steamer

The electric steamer has a rather excessive cost and much higher than the purchase of one or more steel or bamboo baskets and in addition takes up more space than the baskets. Furthermore, if you do not have enough space to place it in the kitchen, it must be disassembled and then reassembled every time it needs to be used. All this could make the steaming as more demanding than it really is

Eco-conscious indications

What can you do with water after doing the steaming? You can reuse it for washing dishes or let it cool and use it for watering plants.

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