Harvest 2013: first estimates for quantity and quality

Harvest 2013: first estimates for quantity and quality

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It starts at full capacity there harvest and the curiosity to know is triggered: what will thevintage 2013 of the wine? Pending complete data on grape harvest at a national level, here are the first arriving from Veneto released today - 2 September - by the Regional Company for the Agricultural, Forestry and Agro-Food sectors.

In Veneto the harvest 2013 of the early varieties started about ten days later than last year. At first glance, from a quantitative point of view the grape production 2013 seems to be in the spotlight, with increases and decreases compared to the 2012 harvest in almost all provinces.

In Veronese, for example, the black berried grapes they should reach last year's production with the exception of Merlot, for which an increase of 5/10% is expected. An increase of 10% is also expected for it Chardonnay and the Pinot, while for the Garganega and the Durella production varies from area to area.

In the Treviso area, however, a slight decline is announced for both black grapes that for the grapes white, however, offset by the new plants that went into production this year. The grape production in the Venetian (5/10%) and in the Rovigo area (with peaks of 20-30%), while it is expected to increase in the Vicenza area (10/15%).

In the Belluno area a production of about 6,000 quintals of grapes. On Wednesday 4 September there will be the historic meeting on harvest forecasts, now in its 35th edition, promoted by Veneto Agriculture; during the event, all the forecast production data of the Triveneto will be provided in detail, divided by province and type of grape.

It will also be an opportunity to take stock of the harvest in Piedmont, Tuscany, Puglia, Sicily (i.e. the main Italian wine regions), as well as in France and Spain. The meeting will be attended by the Councilor for Agriculture of the Veneto Region, Franco Manzato, together with exponents of the Triveneto wine world.

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