Trenord Green Train tells you how much CO₂ you save

Trenord Green Train tells you how much CO₂ you save

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We were talking about Sustainable Mobility Week and supporting initiatives, here is another launched by Trenord in collaboration with LifeGate. Is called Green Train and is a function accessible from the site of Trenord which allows to know the greenhouse gas savings (kg of CO₂ emitted) generated by the train journey compared to the same journey by car.

How to use the calculator Green Train? Very simple: when searching for your train on the website of Trenord, in addition to the results relating to time, distance, online purchase and ticket price, by clickingon the green leaf iconinformation on CO emissions will also be obtained2 savings and the train-car comparison of costs.

With Green Data things can be discovered that are hard to believe. For example, a commuter who travels the Milan-Brescia route every day on the trains of Trenord instead of in the car, it produces 1,800 kg of CO in one year2 less than the car, which correspond to the CO2 generated by the life cycle of over 6,000 plastic bottles, or to that absorbed in 1 year by a forest of over 2,300 square meters.

The calulator Green Train it also highlights the savings in economic terms compared to the private car; net of parking costs, area C and any fines, on the same route, the commuter who chooses the train for the Milan-Brescia route saves over 6 thousand euros every year. The value is calculated on the mileage costs indicated in the ACI 2012 tables and includes the operating costs, maintenance costs, tire wear, the RCA premium and everything involved in traveling by car.

The numbers become really important if we consider that every day 670 thousand travelers choose to use the trains of Trenord instead of the car to get around Lombardy. With Green Train It is also possible to go further with your green trip by discovering the impact of your daily lifestyle on the environment with a click: this is made possible by the link from the Trenord to the Lifegate CO₂ calculator.

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