Naturopathy, between schools and universities

Naturopathy, between schools and universities

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If you are wondering about the presence ofuniversity courses of naturopathythere are various things you need to know: in Italy the professional figure of theNaturopath. There is no definitive national framework, however there are various regional regulations that recognize the titles conferred by someschools of Naturopathy.

In Italy there are five main schools ofnaturopathy, these are private schools that start collaborations if necessaryuniversity students,it is the case ofSchool of Naturopathyof the Riza Institute. The courses organized by the Institute are three-year and are active in Milan, Turin, Verona, Bologna and Rome. After the training process, through theItalian Federation of Riza Naturopaths, the candidate will be able to access the University Seminar Course for Naturopaths, organized by the University of Milan.

Beyond theSchool of Naturopathyof the Riza Institute, the other schools in the sector are:

  • LUINA, free Italian university of applied naturopathy
  • SIMO, Italian school of holistic medicine
  • UPTER, training school in naturopathy
  • LUMEN, school of holistic naturopathy

Even if in Italy a professional figure corresponding to theNaturopath, naturopathy is a very widespread discipline all over the world. Naturopathy is recognized in 26 of the 27 European countries, only in Italy it has not been definitively regulated as we are stuck with a draft law dating back to May 3, 2010, when, with the latest bill (n.2152) proposed to regulate the figure of naturopathic health worker.

Those who already have a degree in health and / or science must know that thenaturopathywas the protagonist of a training Master organized by the La Sapienza University of Rome, theUniversity courseit was activated by the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery as a full-fledged post-graduate course. TheTraining Master in Naturopathyof 1,500 hours, it was activated for the first time in the 2009-2010 academic year.

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