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Recycled tires for the production of floors

Recycled tires for the production of floors

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The world ofgreen buildingcan count on numerous recycled materials, among these square itiresdisused. Thanks totire recyclingit is possible to realizefloorsfor indoors and outdoors. With i recycled tiresmany companies manage to obtain excellent sports fields, municipalities can set up play parks for safer children: the rubber obtained fromrecycled tiresmanages to perform an "anti-trauma" action so as to protect the child in case of falls.

The composition of thetiresallows, at the end of their life cycle "on the road", to obtain excellent quality rubber in the form of granules and powders. By means of a shredding process, thetireit is reduced into granules of suitable size for its second use. By adding to therecycled rubberan elastomer such as EPDM (Ethylene-Propylene-Diene Monomer thermopolymer) and joining it to the granules ofrecycled tiresby means of a water-based polyrethane polymer, sheets offlooringwith different degrees of resistance.


THEfloorsderived fromrecycled tiresthey can be differentiated according to their final characteristics; you will havefloorsusable both for interiors and exteriors, given by a single non-laminated layer, perfect for use in kitchens or locker rooms given the large coefficient of friction (floors non-slip). THE floorsproducts with thetire recyclingthey are easy to install, do not require maintenance, are highly durable, resistant and stain resistant.

The homes and buildings furnished withfloorsderived fromrecycled rubbercontribute to obtaining LEED certification. In Italy the recovery and the recycling ofEnd of Life Tires (ELTs)has a story that has been told to us directly by Giovanni Corbetta, general manager of Ecopneus, a non-profit for the tracing, collection, treatment and final destination of ELTs.


Easy to install, stain resistant, low maintenance… yes, ifloorsthey are user-friendly, to the processrecyclingcan be defined as eco-friendly and for the price they deserve the nickname of customers-friendly: thefloorshown in the photo above is offered at $ 5.21 per sqft by

Video: Abel LMTV build part 69 recycled tires floor mats, finish interior, cheap led light bars (July 2022).


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