Manual wood splitter: the best

Manual wood splitter: the best

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From their name it is easy to understand what they are for wood splitter but less trivial and automatic is the choice between the various models. If we have to make a domestic use we can choose a manual model, there are various models, and then there are also more comfortable log splitters that require a less physical effort, indicated in the event that the wood to be split is in massive quantities.

The wood splitter by definition is a tool capable of dividing logs of wood, more or less large, in two or more smaller pieces. It comes in handy to all who have a fireplace or a wood stove and who buy logs that are not ready for use. Whatever shape they have, with the right, suitable manual wood splitter, they will be reduced to firewood.

Manual wood splitter: how it works

Thanks to a simple mechanism, with the manual wood splitter we can impart a certain force on a knife which is arranged longitudinally to the wood fibers. In this way the log is cut into pieces and good wood is obtained ready for burning. Each model of log splitter acts in a slightly different way, exploiting various physical principles in order to reduce our fatigue, but at the base of the manual wood splitter as with the hyper-innovative one, there is always this concept.

Before examining the various types of tools available on the market, it is good to ask ourselves what we want to cut into pieces, how often, and what physical effort we can afford to do. One could do for us wood splitter manual, or not.

Manual wood splitter: opinions

Unanimously a tool like it manual wood splitter it is considered useful, if you are one of those who like to prepare stocks of logs ready for winter, you can confirm it yourself in the light of your experience. Then there are those who believe that the manual models are backward, those who simply do not want or cannot make an effort and lean towards more automatic models that we will go to see.

Beyond the model, however, the log splitter is useful and does save because the same amount of wood, if raw and not ready for use, will certainly cost less.

Manual wood splitter: how to build it

That of building one manual wood splitter it is an undertaking that I do not recommend unless we are already skilled in DIY. It is not trivial to make such a device and it is important to know how to make one that then cannot lead to injuries or unforeseen events of any kind. On the net there are several tutorials for building a wood splitter but let's ask ourselves if it's not worth buying one with all the necessary guarantees, if we want to save money, there are also used ones.

Domestic manual wood splitter

There are really many types on the market, more than you can imagine if we have not been passionate about fireplaces and logs for years. I happened to be interested in buying one wood splitter, not manual, and I discovered a world I did not suspect existed. Indeed, you can be confused when you have to choose between too many variants without knowing their precise characteristics and without a certain experience. from wood splitter behind.

For home use one manual wood splitter it can be fine, if we can make efforts, otherwise it is better to opt for other types trying to understand the space that the device can occupy in our garage or in our cellar.

Manual models are the ones not electrical, but manual, which to split the logs require a certain force, less than what is needed when using the hatchet, of course, but it is still a task that not everyone is able to bear.

Moving on to other models, we find the hydraulic ones which still require some physical effort. They are not too bulky and if you want you can also use them in the woods as they do not need power sockets. Then there are the hydraulic models in which a electric or petrol engine apply the thrust force necessary to break the wood through the action of an incompressible fluid pushed by an oil pump.

If we don't have to carry our tool around, but use it in the garden, we can also opt for an electric model. In this case, just insert the log between the base and the wedge of the splitter and press a button. Minimal effort and great results, obviously this last option has its price.

Log splitter online

It is possible to buy tools like these also online, there are great opportunities like this electric horizontal log splitter that will allow us to cut logs without making us sweat too much.

By wandering online and in shops you can find all possible alternatives and offers, used or discounted tools. Let's not forget, at the time of purchase, to also get the additional accident prevention accessories necessary to ensure optimal safety: gloves, goggles and shoes as a minimum.

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