Silvotherapy: what it is and what benefits does it provide

Silvotherapy: what it is and what benefits does it provide

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It may have happened to you around the world to meet people offering on the street Hugs free, they usually run with a "free hugs" sign hanging around their neck, what if we hang this sign on trees? We would talk about Silvotherapy, so let's talk about it and find out what it is.

That of the free hugs is a simplistic explanation, in truth this theory says much more but it is a bit like discovering hot water, after all, because it does nothing but focus everything on that feeling of well-being that floods us when we immerse ourselves in nature, when we are in contact with the "wild" environment which includes the presence of trees. This means that the Silvotherapy it is valid if we are walking in a wood, in a forest, in a park full of plants that are not just small shrubs. Have you ever stopped for a moment and go and hug one? Try it and you will discover all the advantages of Silvotherapy. I begin to illustrate them here.

Silvotherapy: what it is

To "hook" the theme I spoke of freely embracing a tree but there Silvotherapy it is much more. It is embracing plants, literally and not only with the gaze, but also staying in wooded places, passing through them for a long time, spend time in the woods and forests reading or just thinking about their day or week spent in traffic, away from the trees.

There Silvotherapy it is good for our mind but it is also highly recommended for the beneficial effects it has on the body, especially for those suffering from bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis, arterial hypertension, nervousness and insomnia. It is said that hugging trees is refreshing, there is in particular a study published by some American and Australian scientists which has shown that koalas hug trees precisely to cool off. The contact between body and trunk allows these animals to lose heat by conduction.

Silvotherapy: trees

At this point it comes natural to wonder if one tree is worth the other or there are some that have more effect than others when you hug them. Let's see in this sense the meaning of trees according to i Celts and let's trust them. Here is a roundup of plants with their theoretical meaning, let's take it with a grain of salt especially remembering that the Silvotherapy it works because you are immersed in nature, in general.

There Birch is a symbol of rebirth, purification, knowledge and purity, far of spiritual protection and oracular power, the Willow instead it recalls the lunar and feminine aspects of life and poetic inspiration. We also have the Ash tree which is seen as a symbol of initiation and rebirth while the Hawthorn of purity, inner journeys and intuition.

There Oak tree many know that it is a symbol of power, energy and survival Core invites to meditation, the Apple tree comes to our aid when we have to make an important decision while the Blackthorn wild it is useful in case of strong actions or external influences that need to be obeyed. And the Elder? It is a symbol of life and regeneration.

Silvotherapy: benefits

There Silvotherapy it is good and is considered a real therapeutic method for both treatment and prevention of diseases. It was recognized as a scientific method only in 1927 but humanity had already understood for centuries how powerful it was the influence of trees on our health.

Silvotherapy: who is it for

As described so far the Silvotherapy serves everyone, what do you think? Who does not feel the need to immerse themselves in nature, breathing deeply some fresh air while enjoying the silence? Yet there are some people who for health reasons may be better suited for this type of tree therapy. For example, those suffering from pneumonia. It has not been years but centuries that those with this type of problem are advised to spend a period in the woods or at least nearby.

However as we have already understood the Silvotherapy it is indicated for all healthy people, as a prevention of diseases. Anyone can start undergoing this therapy very easily, by walking, running or doing sports in the woods. Every day or at the weekend, when possible without stress.

It is proven, clinically proven, that this practice activates blood circulation, increases the number of red blood cells, facilitates breathing in chronic pulmonary patients, promotes sleep and helps to delay aging. The air of the woods is not just any air, it is precious air today more than ever, it contains significant quantities of negative oxygen ions that help stimulate and harmonize life processes and the psychic and emotional sphere.

Silvotherapy and psychology

Having acknowledged that this therapy is good for health, and those who deny it, let's move on to mention the beneficial effects that it also has on mood and psyche. Nature is a source of vital energy and by spending time in contact with it we can fill up with positive energy, a fill that lasts all week if we can only practice Silvotherapy on weekends.

Among the most positive plants we find linden, pine, oak, chestnut, maple, ash, willow and maple but the important thing for our mood and for our psychological situation is to hug a tree that we like and love, which gives us serenity.

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