Zara, no more victims of fashion

Zara, no more victims of fashion

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The word "Fashion Victim"Certainly does not allude to this but it is really true that fashion takes victims. Analytical tests disclosed by Greenpeace show that some ZARA clothing contain chemicals that are dangerous to humans and the environment. These substances in contact with the environment are transformed into toxic compounds that alter the human hormonal system; not only that, traces of carcinogenic substances released by some dyes. Greenpeace wants to break the silence because Zara is the largest retailer of clothing in the world and something needs to be done!

The textile sector is one of the managers ofpollution of our waters. To block this trend, Greenpeace started the campaign in 2011 Detox. The aim is to stop industries in any sector that use hazardous chemicals in their production cycles. Today, a year later, Greenpeace has pointed the finger at the fashion house Zara.

Thanks to the requests of conscious and virtuous consumers, houses such as Nike, Adidas, Puma, H&M, Marks & Spencer, C&A and Li-Ning are committed to eliminating toxic substances from the entire production chain. Zara is the first international retailer of clothing and given the power, size and influence of the Brand, Zara is a crucial brand for adding the goal of cleaning up the fashion industry.

Greenpeace laboratories have tested their clothing and found traces of dangerous chemicals, including carcinogens contained in some dyes. Here is what we read in the Greenpeace statement:

ZARA is clearly part of the problem. By working with their suppliers and choosing non-dangerous alternative solutions, large fashion companies can become part of the solution. Join our campaign and convince ZARA to give up toxic substances, forever. "

All environmentalists who want to continue wearing Zara clothing can support the Greenpeace campaign by joining the petition "No more victims of fashion".



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