Flower therapy: what it is

Flower therapy: what it is

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There flower therapy uses natural remedies, is a holistic therapy and cannot be considered the panacea for all ills. However, I believe it is correct to take it into consideration for some situations, inquiring first, and consulting your doctor before entrusting us blindly to this practice.

Since 1976 theWorld Health Organization recognized and legitimized the use of flower therapy as a complementary treatment method, the title of flower therapist is in fact recognized in countries such as England, France, Spain and Germany while in Italy no, not yet at least. This does not mean that we cannot approach this therapy which, even without official recognition, is increasingly becoming a tool for integrating academic medicine.

It is appreciated because it has no side effects therefore it is proposed more easily also to children or to those who take drugs with which they do not interact. In our country as in the whole world in general there is a growth in the population that relies on flower therapy, let's see what it consists of.

Flower therapy: what it is

It's a holistic and biological therapy which includes a series of natural remedies prepared from wild flowers discovered by Edward Bach, a significant figure for this sector. The floral remedies proposed, according to this practice, are able to release their energy, if properly treated, by entering in vibration with human energy. Just in this way they would be able to change the negative emotion into its positive trait, transforming it, highlighting the harmonic part of the subject.

We owe this theory to the studies of the Welsh doctor Edward Bach who explored the healing properties of flowers in the first half of the 1900s by drawing up a list of 38 healing flowers with a description of the properties of each. Bach was certainly not a very traditional doctor, thanks to his original nature and very close to nature, today we can have at our disposal a therapy such as flower therapy, a method that is more than an alternative to be understood as an integration of many traditional therapies.

Flower therapy: Bach flowers

The flower remedies we are talking about are known to many by the simple name of Bach flowers. When we buy them they are in liquid form, distilled in dark glass bottles, they must be taken orally and, according to our Welsh doctor, they act on both the body and the mind and human emotions. There are those who also use them with animals and plants: why not?

The functioning mechanism is based on Bach's belief that disease is not an isolated manifestation of a certain part of our body but a more general problem that affects the whole body and that the spirit must take into consideration in order to find a condition of general well-being.

According to Bach, therefore, the isolated symptom should not be analyzed and treated but the more general situation, both physical and psychological, should be taken into consideration, which is why he began to study homeopathic medicine, ranging in the vast world of experimentation in the field of care.

THE Bach flowers they must be picked in the period of maximum flowering and in the early morning hours of a sunny day, without clouds in the sky in order to be able to benefit more from them. Whole, the flowers are then placed in a bowl of spring water and left to soak for three or four hours under sunlight. There is also an alternative method for treating Bach flowers which involves boiling them in pure spring water for thirty minutes.

Flower therapy: natural remedies

In general Bach flowers they are advised when it is necessary to intervene on forms of emotional distress. They are suitable for dealing with cases of stress, phobias, depressions mild and moderate degrees, insomnia or psychosomatic disturbances.

We can also use them to deal with emotional distress that also cause physical problems.
The possibility of using these remedies has been explored in recent years for the treatment of pain, inflammation, allergies and more but in this case it is very important to take into account that flower therapy does not fight the disease, but develops the qualities that allow it to be overcome. So let's not expect to heal with the magic of Bach flowers alone.

Flower therapy and flower therapist

The flower therapist is an expert consultant who can help us evaluate the application of the natural system of flower therapy without incurring naive errors. It is not a figure who wants to take the place of the doctor or psychologist because he does not deal with diagnosis or medical pathologies or treating symptoms. Its goal is to rebalance all of those negative emotional attitudes which can, in the long run, favor them.

To prescribe gods Bach natural remedies the flower therapist gives us a thorough interview to understand what are the particular imbalances taking place and choose what is right for us. It is necessary to make this assessment very carefully to identify the type of patient in front of you: apathetic, intolerant, disappointed, jealous, physically tired, indecisive, morally tired, nostalgic, proud, rancorous, possessive, rigid, sadistic, impatient, guilty, lacking in self-esteem, with fears of more or less known origin. A different Bach Flower is prescribed for each of these moods

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