Cauliflower in a pan

Cauliflower in a pan

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There cauliflower recipe in a pan it is fast, tasty, simple and economical. In short, just enough to be able to try to replicate it at home whenever you want to enrich your dining table with flavor and ... well-being, considering that cauliflower is certainly a panacea for our body.

But how is the cauliflower recipe in a pan? What are the useful ingredients to make this dish?

Let's try to find out more by sharing the simplest and fastest recipe with you in order to enhance the cauliflower in a pan, thus leaving you free to explore - if you wish - the many variations that await you in the kitchen!

Cauliflower in a pan: the ingredients

The first thing we need to do is try to understand what the ingredients are. As you will notice, the highlight can only be the cauliflower, which we advise you to buy from your trusted greengrocer. Take care to choose a possibly organic and healthy element, and - possibly - buy it already clean, so as not to have to make the effort to eliminate some excess parts!
For a recipe useful for you and some of your friends / relatives, we suggest you buy 400 grams of cauliflower, 40 grams of pitted black olives (you can easily find them on the market, otherwise you will have to proceed to pitting them at home with the appropriate tool), a clove of garlic, extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper as required. Ready?

How to make cauliflower in a pan

Now that you have all the ingredients to be able to make cauliflower in a pan, we have to ... get our hands a little dirty.
If the cauliflower is not already clean, clean it by removing the tops at the base. In case the dimensions are considerable, nothing prevents you from dividing the components of this recipe in two. Then, in a pan, proceed to brown the garlic and black olives.

At this point, proceed with adding the cauliflower and let it season for a couple of minutes. Then, also add half a glass of water and a little salt. Cover everything with a lid suitable for your pan and cook for another 10-15 minutes.

To realize whether or not the cauliflower is cooked to perfection, proceed to insert the teeth of a fork into its core: if they enter without any effort, it means that your dish is practically ready!

Once this is done, uncover the pan and let the excess water dry. Then remove the garlic and place in a serving bowl, perhaps serving with a sprinkling of pepper that will give the extra touch to your recipe!

Cauliflower in a pan au gratin

We now propose a simple variant of the sautéed cauliflower, or the cauliflower in a pan au gratin. No problem: making it will be very simple, and it will be enough for you to follow these simple instructions to be able to reach a truly delicious result.

As for the ingredients, for example, all you will need more will be only 2-3 tablespoons of breadcrumbs. Then follow the recipe we previously shared with you and, when you see that the cauliflower is drying, sprinkle the breadcrumbs and sauté quickly.

Side dish cauliflower in a pan

At this point you should have all the most useful information in hand to be able to make one recipe with cauliflower in a pan, a very tasty side dish that, especially in winter, can savor your menus.

Among other things, as we have already mentioned at the beginning, cauliflower is not only a very tasty and very versatile vegetable (you can prepare dozens of different recipes!) But it is also a food with many beneficial properties. Do you know, for example, that cauliflower is particularly indicated in case of diabetes, because its properties help to control the sugar levels present in our blood?

In short, you have absolutely no excuse not to take care of cauliflowers in the kitchen, enriching your menus with this vegetable!
But be careful when choosing cauliflower. If you do not want to be advised by your trusted "greengrocer", buy one that is tightly closed and compact, with a firm inflorescence and without any stains. The outer leaves must be crunchy and close to the head, with the flower compact and the tips tightly closed. Therefore, do not buy a cauliflower with the surface that tends to blacken, as this could indicate a badly preserved cauliflower. On the other hand, it is a very delicate food, which is prone to deteriorate very easily!

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