Cycling clothing: the sizes for socks and socks change

Cycling clothing: the sizes for socks and socks change

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Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) guide on road cycling socks sizes

Cycling clothing: the sizes for socks, over socks and shoe covers change: last November the International Cycling Union (UCI) decided to regulate the use and measurements of socks, socks and shoe covers; all this could make the audience of cycling enthusiasts laugh and in part it is but, thinking about it and reading the reasons, there may be valid reasons behind this choice.

In fact, it is evident that in recent years the innovations in the cycling field have concerned not only the mechanical means but also technical clothing, so much so that many people talk about doping in a different form; once the UCI regulated weights and measures of the frames and appendages of bicycles, now it is forced to "limit" everything that can favor excessive performance improvements also as regards the body / suits up to the measures of the socks in particular if these products are designed and / or are available only for a small group of teams and athletes with large budgets available.

The goal is to ensure that clothing come back to fulfill its original function, or that dress and protect the athlete without decisively influencing the result especially in terms of aerodynamics and watts.

The new rules, limits and sizes for socks

As you can see from the opening image, the new legislation in force from 2019 provides:

  • Socks and overshoes cannot exceed the height defined by half the distance between the center of the lateral malleolus and the center of the fibula head
  • It should be noted that this rule currently applies only to "the street" is "Use during the competition" leaving full power to the group to use their favorite technical material during training.
  • Finally, the new regulation also provides that they are Even items with rigid parts are prohibited and roughness with one thickness greater than one millimeter.

What changes for cyclists and / or occasional cyclists

If you do not compete, the new rule does not affect in any way on your outfit; however, it should be considered that, as is often the case in the world of sport, the marketing of sportswear starts with athletes and teams and then offers the products for sale on the market for amateur cyclists and two-wheel enthusiasts.

We will probably say goodbye to excessively thick, stockings, socks and overshoes soon tall such as leggings that in recent years have found some success in terms of sales despite a dubious aesthetic for many cycling amateurs purists; will remain technical products with measures below mid-calf but that they will preserve the characteristics for which they were designed (thermo regulation and improvement and regulation of circulation). Products such as rest compression stockings may continue to be cheap, but it will all depend on the clothing companies and how they want to comply with the regulations regarding products not in use during competitions.

Finally, for those interested in renewing their clothing, I will provide you with some links to better carry out a targeted search on Amazon, the e-commerce site where you can also buy cycling clothing products that I told you in this "curious" article; all at excellent prices and with the usual "satisfied or refunded" guarantee.

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