Birch: plant and properties

Birch: plant and properties

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There Birch belongs to the family of Betulaceae, it is a very common perennial in our areas. It is used in gardens and parks, as a decorative plant, but it also has interesting healing properties. In particular, it can be used to treat problems such as cystitis and cellulite, thanks to its diuretic and purifying properties.

Birch: plant

Before going to find out how we can use this plant to get better, let's get to know it. It can also reach important heights but its foliage is not very dense, tends upwards and appears light. Its trunk is always very slender and usually has a thin white bark, apart from when the plant begins to be of a certain age.

The branches are hanging only if terminal and enriched by small, deciduous and triangular-shaped leaves. The green of the leaves of the birches is not a deep green but a soft green. There are also the flowers of this plant, which can be male or female. The former are pendulous and gathered in sessile catkins, the others form short and erect spikes instead. The fruits are not very showy, it comes to cylindrical infructescences useful because when they are ripe they release samaras with a membranous wing.

This plant is native to Europe but also to northern Asia. In particular in Italy it is widespread in the area of ​​the Alps where we can find real woods. Piedmont and Lombardy are the regions with the most birches, going south, we also find them in Abruzzo and near Etna.

Birch: properties

Many know the diuretic and purifying properties of birch trees, are not the only ones but they are certainly the most important and derive from the presence of flavonoids, sesquitepenic oxides, tannins (leucoanthocyanidins), Vitamin C, betulinic, chlorogenic and caffeic acid, resins and essential oils

The Birch promotes the increase in urine output: by eliminating water and excess substances, we also get rid of negative ones such as cholesterol and uric acids that cause rheumatism and gout. Precisely for this mechanism, the plant can be used for the treatment of hypertension and water retention and plays an important role in the prevention of gravel. It also has an antiseptic "washing" effect in urinary tract diseases, primarily cystitis.

We mentioned it in the introduction, theanti cellulite effect. It is not a hoax or an urban legend, in fact by favoring the elimination and disappearance of the fibroconnective nodules, characteristic of this skin imperfection, the Birch can be an important ally in this sense.

Birch: sap

You may have already heard of the birch sap, also known as Betula verrucosa sap. It is the substance from which it is possible to extract the bud extract which contains two heterosides capable of enzymatically releasing methyl salicylate with analgesic and anti-inflammatory activity.

The sap also has a strong detoxifying action, very important for the functioning of our lymphatic system. The draining action of the lymph serves to purify our body of excess toxins that we may have accumulated perhaps due to pharmacological treatments and cortisone or hormonal therapies, or because we suffer from hyperuricemia or hypercholesterolemia. The main use of the lymph remains that of cellulite: this substance is able to significantly reduce kneading and the painful component, and eliminates stagnant liquids in the tissues.

For collect the sap a particular technique is used. During the spring, at the beginning of March, holes are made on the part of the trunk facing south of the adult birches, remaining about one meter from the ground, two to five centimeters deep, slightly oblique towards the top. A small tube must be introduced into these slits so that the lymph can escape and be collected in special containers.

It is difficult to imagine that amount of lymph can be obtained from a plant, we consider that indicatively from a trunk with a diameter of half a meter, 3 or 4 liters of sap per day can be obtained with this method.

Birch: infusion

One of the most convenient ways to hire the active ingredients of birch, without being lymph, it is the infusion, very simple to prepare. You only need one tablespoon of birch leaves to dip into a cup of boiling water. We cover and leave to infuse for almost 10 minutes and then filter. The advice is to drink 2 cups a day of birch infusion, between meals.

Birch: essential oil of birch

Less simple to hire and find, it is essential oil, much more powerful than the infusion and therefore to be taken with caution because it could interact with certain drugs and create problems, dramatically enhancing or canceling their effect. Better to consult your doctor and not proceed with the DIY.

Birch in homeopathy

We find birch widely used both in homeopathy and in folk medicine. Its leaves are very frequently used as a remedy to purify the blood and for the treatment of gout and rheumatism, internally, while externally, they can help counteract hair loss and dandruff.

Birch tar can also be used, a substance that must be applied to the skin for lfor eczema, rheumatism, psoriasis, gout and scabies. In homeopathy, birch comes in the form of granules that can be useful in the treatment of various types of problems such as rheumatism, arthrosis, joint pain, urinary tract infections. In some cases, even if the outcome is still uncertain, this plant is used as a remedy for sexual impotence.

The amount of remedy to be taken can be different for each individual, also depending on the type of homeopathic dilution that is intended to be used.

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